Together with Geir Isene at A-Circle AS , we boost performances.
We help people, sports teams, artists and businesses all across the world.

  • This includes:
    • helping teams improve productivity/stop working overtime with (Kanban
    • boosting organisations working with IT Service Management (ITIL)
    • mental training for dedicated athletes (chasing gold)
    • coaching businesses in project and portfolio management (PRINCE2/MOP/MSP)
    • making your team totally awesome (Pandemic)
    • helping your org focus on benefits, not projects (Managing Benefits)
    • better understanding of Change Management (Change Management)

Here is my 1 page CV

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Most of this site is focused on training, courses and workshops offered through A-Circle AS.  This front page contains recommendations taken from my LinkedIn profile.

Contact me directly: / Tel: +47 45502064

A-circle is a company motivating people and organizations to excel at what they are good at. The end result is inspired people working in dynamic teams…

I deliver workshops where students talk as much as me the “instructor”…

“Brendan has a unique teaching technique which makes the course fun and easier to remember.”

I don’t do slides…

“When you join a course with Brendan being the instructor, don’t expect to get slides, presentations, etc.. but rather listen to all those real-life examples that match perfectly what you are there to learn.”

I use plastic animals and lego…

“Can’t think of a better way to learn! Learning by doing, learning by teaching!”

Mediocre is never good enough…

“Brendan has this magical touch that makes the difference between good and excellent leadership”

I love Hugh’s art at…

“Quality isn’t Job One. Being totally fucking amazing is Job One”. “Brendan as a motivational speaker is the embodiment of this statement!”

I love simplicity…

“Brendan has a knack for cutting through problems and see simple, easy solutions.”

I am Irish. I can be radically honest.
I’m quite critical to most of the frameworks/methods that I teach. Everything needs to be set in the right context. I focus lesser on frameworks/methods and more on helping people have an ok day.