100 days of living vegan

Inspired by the “no meat athlete” website and podcasts I thought  I’d give this a try. Rules are simple and as follows:

  • No meat/fish
  • No dairy
  • No sugary food
  • Eat as much real plant-based food as possible

I’m also looking forward to see how I can ultra-run on a diet like this. Definitely possible but just requires a bit more testing of foods while training.

On day 3 and this is relatively easy. Making my own vegetable soups and Margrete made a fantastic Chilli con carne without the carne of course.

Potatoes, Broccoli, Carrots, Spinach, Onions, Peas 🙂

  • Completed 3 weeks now and still going fine. Every morning I have a smoothie consisting of:
    • Banana
    • Half avocado
    • Broccoli
    • Coconut oil
    • Hemp protein seeds
    • Spinach leaves
    • Pea powder
    • Spirulina
    • Chilli flakes
  • Had an evening run today and it went fine energy wise. It was a 10km. I started slowly and finished strong with a time of 42:40. Then had homemade vegetable soup  for dinner.
  • Past the 7 week mark and still keeping to the rules no problem. My energy levels have increased noticeably.
  • Made pizza yesterday!
    • Gluten free, egg free, vegan flour for base
    • Crushed tomatoes with some spices for sauce
    • Green, red, yellow peppers chopped small
    • Red onion chopped small
    • Mushroom chopped small
    • Corn
    • Toppings of basil, pepper and chilli
  • Did I miss cheese? Nope, and it was a real tasty pizza 🙂 Will probably make this once a week ahead.
  • Drinking loads of tea these days with MCT coconut oil added – bulletproof 🙂

Only 17 days left on this diet/lifestyle. Overall here is what I have experienced:

  • I got rid of coffee cravings after 1 week
  • I got rid of sugar cravings after about 50 days (Not sure if liquorice is gone yet! I loved liquorice before!)
  • I got rid of cheese pizza cravings after about 50 days
  • I will probably live vegan after this 100 days
  • No, I do not miss meat/fish/dairy
  • I drink about 5 cups of caffeine-free tea daily
  • I take B12 and omega-3 seaweed supplements daily
  • It is much better to invite people to my house for dinner than visiting them as lots most people are pretty lost on what I eat and do not eat 🙂
  • I’ve eaten so much food in the previous 80 days but i’m still losing weight. I’ve gone from 77kg to 71kg
  • I’ve started training for 160km races (4 marathons in a day)  in 2017 while on vegan diet
  • My running times are faster but this could be explained by the fact that i’ve lost 6kg weight. Or it could be placebo effect.
  • I do not know what I will eat for Christmas dinner. It will not be meat.

What happened after 100 days:

  • My diet is probably about 99.9% vegan now. I haven’t eaten meat or fish and there is almost no intake of dairy products.
  • I started this little project to see what it’s like and I found out it suits me just fine so I’ll keep going 🙂

After 4 years:

  • So i decided to go back to eating meat and dairy on the Keto diet.