I like dividing life into 100days projects. If you want to create a new habit, get in touch and i may join you in 100 day project. The idea is that we hold each other accountable to being true to the challenge for 100 days. Just something that you want to create as new habit.
So far I’ve done the following:

  • 100 days of no social media (I stopped with social media I used: facebook, instagram, twitter and linkedin. This was real easy and quickly became a beautiful habit letting me be more in the moment of everyday situations. The free time also lets me read more books.
  • 100 days vegan-Keto diet (After over 3 years vegan, I went vegan-keto to see if I can experience cognitive boost, improved memory and more energetic. This diet would be too brutal for many people but I see it as fun to play. I’ve increased supplements while on this diet to look after my health. I also decided to do this totally sugar-free. The sugar cravings during the first two weeks were pretty tough and over Christmas too! If you’re interested in Keto get in touch!)
  • 100 days of push-ups (This was crazy tough on my shoulders. No rest days. I knew after a while that this was a habit that I did not want to continue with but I completed the 100 days for fun)
  • 100 days of running (min 30 minutes per day, this one lasted 214 days. Running is absolutely something everyone (if physically possible) should do more)
  • 100 days of sugar-free food (Totally free, nothing containing sugar. Weird feeling the cravings the mind creates during the first to weeks)
  • 100 days without caffeine (caffeine free tea allowed. This was real easy and lasted 3 years without coffee. Recently I decided to take a coffee every now and then just for fun to see what happens and wow! legs and fingers tapping due to coffeine shock 🙂
  • 100 days eating Vegan food (Plant based diet, no meat, no fish, no dairy. Still doing this after 4 years.)
  • 100 days cycling indoors TacX trainer (while watching TV this was easy to turn into a habit for 100 days, there are so many netflix series to watch while cycling.)
  • 100 days of direct customer contact (face to face with customers. Just get out there and help people. The result is profit and a bigger network.)
  • 100 days no alcohol (Didn’t drink often anyway so this was real easy.)
  • 100 days of Rubiks cube solving (Didn’t get under 2 mins solve but I just ended up learning a lot of algorithms and using memory techniques like memory palces to remember them. It looks impressive doing a rubiks cube fast but it’s pretty boring)
  • 100 days of 5am at the local cafe. Have met some amazing and some crazy people at 5am.

I also have helped other people/organisations to do 100 days projects:

  • 100 days of increasing empathy in a department at work
  • 100 days of better Portfolio Management
  • 100 days of PRINCE2 project management method
  • 100 days of Kanban method (Including daily stand-ups 8.40am)
  • 100 days of Impressing your team (This was a leader for a team at work)
  • 100 days of playing guitar (friend)
  • 100 days of without Snus (Norwegian tobacco placed under lip)
  • 100 days of Here and Now (Just sitting, eyes closed 10 mins daily)
  • 100 days without drinking lemonade
  • 100 days being a better father
  • 100 days reading for daughter (30 mins daily)
  • 100 days being a better wife
  • 100 days of learning Indonesian (woman in Australia)
  • 100 days of stretching Taekwando Lily
  • 100 days og giving +