• My 1 page CV
  • Born in Newry, Ireland (Northern Ireland if you prefer)
  • 49 years old and live in Oslo, Norway
  • Married to Margrete, my beautiful wife! (She’s awesome!)
  • Two amazing kids, 12 and 15 years old (I learn so much from them)
  • Worked 10 years as Montessori teacher (Amazing job learning by doing)
  • Ex Linux geek (ssh jumping and hacking every evening for 4 years)
  • Started small IT company in 2004, sold it after a few years (learnt how not to do it)
  • Worked at free-software company, team leader for 5 years (learned about delegating work)
  • Started Å (A-Circle) with Geir Isene around 2011 and we love it!
  • My number 1 advice for a better life: Give more and be useful.

What do I work as now?

I help more people have more ok days.

It is in many cases better to see what I have already delivered.  Let me try this… I deliver courses, motivational workshops, seminars, coaching and mental training to individuals, teams and organizations around the world together with the fantastic Geir Isene at Å (A-Circle AS) 


  • Designing new habits
  • Being more curious
  • Rope dancer or Jumping rope / Skipping rope (Like famous boxers but better…)
  • Playing around with 100 days projects. I like biohacking, changing the environment around me and inside me so I have more control over my own biology and emotions.
  • Football (was semi-pro level), still playing but trying to avoid all tackles now
  • Football trainer for kids team (50 eleven year olds)
  • Golf, 11 handicap and love the sport
  • Performing (together with Harald we started a juggling/pyro human fireworks show many years ago that has seen us perform around Europe and on national television in Norway)
  • Running, I live right beside the forest and enjoy running 10-20km
  • Foosball (table football), led a Norwegian team of 14 players to World Cup in France 2009, televised on Eurosport
  • Love playing squash and learning how to get better
  • Driving and commentating Formula 1 Esports playstation
  • Actually love public speaking on stage
  • Holding live events to help others create more fun
  • Helping/coaching (call it what you like), start-up companies, individuals, teams