Introduce me onto stage like this (in the voice of UFC announcer)

“Ladies and Gentlemen at XYZ 2023 and also joining in from around the world, Ittttttttt’s It’s time!
We are live! 55 minutes of undisputed pretty half decent practical tips, split into three rounds of several minutes coming directly at you at quite a ridiculously fast tempo.

Firstly, let me introduce the speaker as a freestyle presenter always using the best available tools to share his message. He stands in at 6-feet-4-inches tall, weighing in somewhere around 170 pounds.

He holds a professional mixed presenting record of about 500 workshops over 20 years on various topics like Change Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Leadership, Agile and of course several whip your ass into gear motivational seminars. His record includes 498 victories and 2 losses, with 364 presentations by technical knockout.

He is the current, reigning, and defending educational pedagogical potential performance booster in the world. Living, working and presenting out of Grorud, Oslo, Norway, the one, the only, the great and powerful in his dreams …..

Brendan…”100 days”…Martin!”


  • My 1 page CV
  • Born in Newry, Ireland (Northern Ireland if you prefer)
  • 48 years old and live in Oslo, Norway
  • Married to Margrete, beautiful wife!
  • Two amazing kids, 11 and 15 years old
  • Worked 10 years as Montessori teacher (learn by doing, learn by teaching)
  • Ex Linux geek
  • Started small IT company in 2004, sold it after a few years.
  • Worked at free software company, FreeCode AS, as IT consultant and team leader for 5 years
  • Started Å (A-Circle) with Geir Isene around 2011 and we love it!
  • My number 1 advice for a better life: Give more.

What do I work as now?

I help more people have more ok days.

It is in many cases better to see what I have already delivered.  Let me try this… I deliver courses, motivational workshops, seminars, coaching and mental training to individuals, teams and organizations around the world together with the fantastic Geir Isene at Å (A-Circle AS) 


  • Designing new habits
  • Being more curious
  • Rope dancer or Jumping rope / Skipping rope (Like famous boxers but better)
  • Playing around with 100 days projects. I like biohacking, changing the environment around me and inside me so I have more control over my own biology and emotions.
  • Football (was semi-pro level), still playing but trying to avoid all tackles now
  • Football trainer for kids team (50 eleven year olds)
  • Golf, 11 handicap and love the sport
  • Performing (together with Harald we started a juggling/pyro human fireworks show many years ago that has seen us perform around Europe and on national television in Norway)
  • Running, I live right beside the forest and enjoy running 10-20km
  • Foosball (table football), led a Norwegian team of 14 players to World Cup in France 2009, televised on Eurosport
  • Love playing squash and learning how to get better
  • Driving and commentating Formula 1 Esports playstation
  • Helping/coaching (call it what you like), start-up companies, individuals, teams