Scene: You want to try the 100 day challenge but know that you’ll either give up or lose interest or fall back to old ways… During this program you will have daily contact with me. Together, we’ll crush the challenge.

This coaching program is only open to a maximum of 4 people at any given time. It helps me maintain focus on you and your goals.

I’ve completed many 100 day challenges during the previous 11 years. My experience, tips, ideas and communication with you will increase your chances of success.

Access to my 100 day challenge page is password-protected and you will be given access after payment has been received. 
I do not just take on anybody so yes you’ll have to apply. If I think we are a match I’ll suggest that we go for it!
Its costs NOK 42.000 to get access to the program. This includes: 

  • 4 x 1 hour zoom sessions 1-1 with Brendan, 1 at the start of each week
  • Daily communication with me. Daily!
  • Emergency communication with me when you feel like breaking your new habit. Call me directly.
  • Practical exercises to improve:
    • Focus – On your one thing to improve
    • Confidence – Getting back to core confidence
    • Motivation – Wanting yourself to succeed
    • Passion – Others will notice you in a new way. Passion spreads!
  • Articles to read to boost your success
  • Audio guided coaching from me as mp3 files
  • Celebration at the end

To apply for this program please email or call me to discuss. / 45 50 20 64

The price is negotiable and must be paid upfront.
However, on completion of the 100 day, we celebrate big-time!