Welcome to our cabin! We hope you have fun and that you can use our cabin more than once. Call us if you need help.
Margrete: 95 10 76 11
Brendan: 45 50 20 64


1. Be cool and have fun.
2. Absolutely no smoking inside the cabin. Any smoking will result in you being charged for cleaning by a cleaning company.
3. Please bark after every toilet visit 🙂
4. At the end of your visit:
– Turn water off (details further down)
– Please leave the cabin tidy, vacuum for bonus points and take all garbage with you.
– Please ensure all doors are locked.
5. Please show these rules to everyone in the group.


Driving to the cabin, on the way to Tofte, turn left here:

Turn left just after the pedestrian crossing
Turn left just before the houses in the photo
Drive to the barrier further down this gravel road. You need the key to open the barrier.
Keep driving and turn to the left
Keep driving and you should come to a small parking area
After the small parking area, keep driving and the blue car in the image above shows our parking spaces.
This is also our parking space and the image shows the steps up to our cabin.


Halfway down the steps to Annex, there is a gap in the fence, the main water pipe is in there on the ground.
The above photo shows the water is turned off when red handle is pointing out.
The above photo shows the water it turned on when the red handle is aligned to the pipe.
The view from the cabin. Have fun!

The Beach