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The IT team in the organization have received feedback that customers of IT want a simpler, faster, more proactive IT team that will help everybody else do their jobs more easily. The IT team choose ITIL.

ITIL is a set of tips, guidelines, good ideas for IT to achieve happier customers. In ITIL, these are collectively known as best practices.

ITIL = IT Infrastructure Library.

A library contains books. ITIL has 5 core books that focus on different areas within IT:

  • Service Strategy (Why deliver? What to deliver? To which customers?)
  • Service Design (How to deliver with limited skills and resources)
  • Service Transition (How to achieve successful changes and protect customers)
  • Service Operation (How to keep IT running and setup a Service Desk)
  • Continual Service Improvement (How to keep improving)

I deliver ITIL courses to individuals, teams and organizations. After an ITIL foundation course you should be able to join in on a ITIL team and understand what is going on. If your team are starting from scratch, my experience and tips may save you months of frustration and instead get you started on the right track with the opportunity to contact and visit other organizations where I have helped boost their performances.

I have 15 years experience of directly leading ITIL projects. The ideal goal is to increase the chances of having a successful IT team delivering IT to happy customers.

After an ITIL course, many teams hire us as consultants to boost their IT teams. At Å we love our jobs. We love working with people to boost performances. Some of what we have done:

  • Build a Service Catalogue  (The menu)
  • Simplify Service Level Agreements (The agreement between customers and IT)
  • Boost the Service Desk (Organise responsibility areas)
  • Implement Knowledge Management for IT
  • Fix crisis rooms/war rooms with Problem Management and KT
  • Combine ITIL with Kanban
  • plus many more…

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