Brendan Martin has created, followed and used all of the programs being offered here. There is nothing here in the program that he has not completed himself. Brendan also consulted with his own licensed practitioner before performing this program and received advice on 100 days continuous exercise while on a vegan Keto diet.

Brendan Martin is not a licensed practitioner of dietetics, nutrition, physical training or mental training and does not provide any form of officially licensed counselling.

Brendan Martin created this program based on personal experiences with changes in diet, exercise and mental training. Accordingly, your results may vary.

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Jumping rope

One of the easiest exercises for the busy person to include in their everyday schedule. Jumping rope is something almost everyone can attempt and that is what we focus on in this group, your 100% effort.

You will need a jumping rope for this exercise. The main idea is to set aside at least 30 minutes per day for 42 days. You do have the time. Stay committed and you will find it easier as the challenge progresses.


This is all about those 42 days. How to actually get through the 42 days.


This is about following a Keto diet for 42 days. Most of your energy will be coming from fat instead of the normal fast carbs. For 42 days this means no bread, no rice, no potato, no breakfast cereals, no flour based food, no sugary fruits and only vegetables grown above the ground. And for 42 amazing days you will be starving your body from sugar, you should get an amazing mental kick with boosted brain clarity!

The main foods in this 42 day diet are:

Salmon – Source of omega-3 fatty acids
Bacon – You either love or hate bacon, here you can eat lots
Avocado – A huge long lasting energy source
Broccoli – Eat as much as you want
Cauliflower – Tastes amazing when grilled
Spinach – Amazing to satisfy hunger
Green Peppers – Source of fiber

Egg – Our main protein source
Cheese – Most hard cheeses like parmesan have zero carbs
Butter – Real fat butter

Olive oil – Sometimes I just drink this
Avocado oil – More expensive but tastes better
Coconut oil – A large spoon of this in the morning

Breakfast meals

Choose 1 of these 3 breakfasts

Lunch meals

Choose 1 of these 3 lunches

Dinner meals

Choose 1 of these 3 dinners

Just before 8pm meal

Eat eat eat is the message here. No more food until the next morning.