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The Principles and possible workshops[edit]

  • Align benefits with strategy
    • Help the organisation get S.M.A.R.T. strategic goals.
    • Most organisations have strategic fluff so help them.
  • Start with the end in mind
    • Do a Benefts Mapping workshop showing visually how the benefits are linked to strategic goals.
    • If they can’t be linked,cancel the project?
  • Utilize successful delivery methods
    • MoP, MSP, PRINCE2, PMI for direction then Agile incremental methods for delivery
  • Integrate benefits with performance management
    • Book the benefits in budgets, headcount targets, business unit costs etc.
    • Align bonus systems with benefits where possible. Talk with HR.
  • Manage benefits from a portfolio perspective
    • Consistency
    • Double counting is minimised
    • Project and Programme lessons are finally used!
    • Develop benefits eligibility rules (categorised, quantified, valued, validated)
  • Apply effective governance
    • Clear governance and decision rules, who is responsible for what?!
    • Regular reviews on benefits, not only projects
  • Develop a value culture
    • New behaviour will not happen overnight but make Benefits Management a business change in its own right?
    • PRINCE2 or PMI or Agile does not equal benefits. Focus more on value and less on methodologies

Is it possible to implementing Benefits Management with Kotter’s 8-steps model?[edit]

  1. Establishing a Sense of Urgency
  2. Creating the Guiding Coalition
  3. Developing a Vision and Strategy
  4. Communicating the Change Vision
  5. Empowering Employees for Broad-Based Action
  6. Generating Short-Term Wins
  7. Consolidating Gains and Producing More Change
  8. Anchoring New Approaches in the Culture
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