This is the limited edition Å cap. Usually given as a special present. Wear it with pride. By wearing this cap you are part of Å family and friends. Attached to this cap is the offer of help, coaching, advice, coffee chats and whatever else we can do to help you.

The super safe cap: Stay interested
The rebellious cap: Unfuck yourself

You were born interested but somewhere along the path you thought life was about trying to be as interesting (focus inwards) as possible. Nope. At Å, we believe one of the keys to success is staying interested (focus outwards).
Our Å wristbands.
Green: Enjoy the game.
White: Be more interested.
Orange: Give more plusses.
The answer to everything divided by the square root of two cool guys = 29 = The 29th letter of the alphabet = Å = A-Circle