I’m pretty good at being “100% here and now” on stage. I’ve had lots of practice, from street show juggling fire shows throughout Europe to holding slideshow presentations for the corporate world. Seems like a big difference but they’re really quite the same. In both cases I just had to ensure the audience received some value.

The one key skill I help people with in presentation skills workshops is to be “100% here an now”. Be comfortable in front of other people. Be comfortable without powerpoint slides. Be comfortable with awkward silence. Be comfortable when other people see you. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Most people attending like the workshop. Some think it’s hilarious and love the challenge. A few people do not like it and for them standing on stage and being seen is the most uncomfortable situation in life. In such cases we need to break the concepts down to smaller steps. I will push you but only a little.

Below are a few links to people presenting. I use these as examples in workshops to see what and how they are saying.

Michelle Obama (see how she connects)
Greta Thunberg (amazing passion and no slides required)
Nick Vujicic (the perfect video to show when people ask me what they should do with their hands when presenting. Just be thankful you have hands 🙂

Here is a rough overview of topics from previous workshops.