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A group of people want to design, build and release a new product. They would like a method for organizing all the products and the work involved. They choose PRINCE2 to help them. PRINCE2 is a project management method to help teams deliver projects.

I deliver PRINCE2 courses to individuals, teams and organizations. After a course you should be able to join in on a PRINCE2 team and understand what is going on. The ideal goal is to increase the chances of having a successful project.

After a PRINCE2 course, many teams hire us as consultants to boost their projects. At Å we love our jobs. We love working with people to boost performances. More at the bottom of the page.

PRINCE2 material and resources:

PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN a Controlled Environment, version 2) is a process-driven project management methodology.

PRINCE2 is based on seven principles, seven themes and seven processes.

7 principles:

  • Continued business justification (Not only IT or marketing justification)
  • Learn from experience (Saving valuable lessons)
  • Defined roles and responsibilities (Who has what delivery?)
  • Manage by stages (Control points throughout the project)
  • Manage by exception (Continue if everything is still according to plan)
  • Focus on products (Make the delivery measurable, and focus on that)
  • Tailor to suit the project environment (Tailor PRINCE2 to size, risk etc)

7 themes:

  • Business case (Why?)
  • Organization (Who?)
  • Quality (What?)
  • Plans (How? How much? When?)
  • Risk (What if…?)
  • Change (What’s the imapct?)
  • Progress (Where are we? Where are we going? Should we carry on?)

7 Processes:

  • Starting up a project (Pre-project)
  • Directing a project (For the Project Board)
  • Initiating a project (For initiation)
  • Managing a stage boundary (To plan for next stages)
  • Controlling a stage (For assigning work and dealing with everyday things)
  • Managing product delivery (Formal process to handover work)
  • Closing a project (To wrap up the project)

A folder with PRINCE2 english, norwegian and terms used at prosjektveiviseren.no


PRINCE2 primer from Dave Litten


PRINCE2 material from Management Plaza


PRINCE2 1-pager


Process diagram Norwegian


Amazing PRINCE2 cheatsheets from: https://www.knowledgetrain.co.uk/

Highly recommended to visit their site.

PRINCE2 cheatsheets

 How we do projects at Å
We are truly a “cut the crap”-company. We inspire and enthuse people and help them realize their potential. We help people take 100% responsibility and to excel in their communication with others. This is why we try to keep formal structures at a minimum. This is why we see methodologies such as PRINCE2 as a casual toolbox and not as an end-all. And without further ado, here is how we practice project management, regardless of the size of the project.

Supplier/Customer agree on measurable Product(s) & resources needed
People with 100% responsibilities are engaged
[?] Documents
Project is delivered
Work is chosen, done and approved
[? issues arise] People sit down and talk
Benefits Review
[?] Project report; CONTAINS:
Project Product(s)
Project Benefits
Lessons Learned
Recommended actions after Project

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