Spotify playlist:

Pre-workshop/pre-course or before going on stage I listen to some of these songs to get ready (Sympathy for the Devil and Rose Tattoo are amazing!).
During breaks in workshops I usually play The Clash, Frank Turner or Flogging Molly.

At the moment I’m reading:

Nice page turner book 🙂
Marie is amazing. This book should be mandatory for teenagers at school!

Podcasts I listen to:

Joe Rogan
Gary Vee
Aubrey Marcus

Present 100 day project:

Getting up at 4:55am and going to local Deli de Luca cafe where I get time to write, create podcasts and of course meet some amazing people.

Board game I’m playing:

At the moment I’m heavily into the Pandemic universe and all the extensions included on that game. Pandemic is a co-op team game, either the game wins or we win. We all have special skills and need to utilise these special skills in each other to win…. just like life 🙂