Spotify playlist:

Seeing as i’m on a jump rope project at the moment, this is playlist while jumping.

At the moment I’m waiting for this book to be released
in Nov 2020: (Update, i’ve finished the book and looking forward to the film, especially the later chapters)

Latest movie I’ve seen:

Podcasts I listen to:

Joe Rogan
Gary Vee
Aubrey Marcus

Present 100 day project:

100 days of skipping, at least 30 mins a day.
At time of updating here I’m on day 245 with average of 64 minutes per day.

Board game I’m playing:

At the moment I’m heavily into the Pandemic universe and all the extensions included on that game. Pandemic is a co-op team game, either the game wins or we win. We all have special skills and need to utilise these special skills in each other to win…. just like life 🙂