An organisation would like to have ONE place that all employees can find the information they are looking for. They have heard of wikipedia. They would now like their own “internal wikipedia” only for their employees. The one place where everything can be found (Policies, processes, procedures, role descriptions, knowledge articles, how-to articles for new employees and consultants … etc

We decide to install MediaWiki (the engine of wikipedia) and some extensions:

  • Search log (See what your users search for to improve the articles)
  • WYSIWYG visual editor to make editing easier
  • Video and media extensions to allow video directly in articles
  • … and a few more exciting extensions

I’ve installed, configured, released and delivered wiki training for several companies in Norway, Sweden and Finland. My combination of just enough tech skills, pedagogy and organisational development experience can help your company have a wiki ready for production in under 2 weeks.